Most distant dance: Houston -628 miles (West Oaks Mall )*

Nearest dance: The Old Plantation Club Amarillo -(574 feet)*

Cities with the most dances (outside Amarillo): #1 Borger, TX -477 #2 Pampa, TX -381 #3 Seminole, TX -308

Most consecutive years of dances: West Texas University Band Camp -1977 thru 2019 

Longest dance: MDA Marathon (for Jerry's KIDS) -25 hours -April 1-2, 1977 Amarillo Quality Inn (I-40)

Shortest dance: West Texas State University Street Dance: 8 minutes -April 24, 1981 (rained out)

Farthest NORTH dance: McCook, NE (High School) [400 miles]

Farthest NORTHEAST dance: Arkansas City, KS (Struble Hall) [390 miles]

Farthest NORTHWEST dance: Alamosa, CO (Adams State University) [345 miles]

Farthest EAST dance: Muskogee, OK (Private Residence)  [401 miles]

Farthest WEST dance: Albuquerque, NM (Hilton Hotel) [295 miles]

Farthest SOUTH dance: Houston, TX (West Oaks Mall)  [628 miles]

Farthest SOUTHWEST dance: EL PASO, TX (Cielo Vista Mall) [438 miles]

Farthest SOUTHEAST dance: Mt. Pleasant, TX (N.E. Texas Community College) [455 miles]

Farthest SOUTH-SOUTHEAST dance: Nacogdoches, TX (Stephen F. Austin University) [527 miles]


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